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Hello, Calgary


Amy Nelson

CC of Dri Hiev

Directed by

Gillian McKercher & Guillaume Carlier

Produced by

Kino Sum Productions


Noah Leach & Shae Paterson

Production Assistants 

Juan-Pablo Cortes Duenez & Brayden McDonell


Caleigh Kansas


Scarlett McGillis

Kino Sum Artist Statement: 


Our experience of Calgary can be summarized in one word: contradictory. Beautiful and banal, 

magical and mundane, passionately homogenous and passionately subversive. For us, to live in 

Calgary is to embrace dual identities. 


In Hello, Calgary, we bring together “2ness” through the contrasting, and ultimately 

intersecting, worlds of Amy Nelson and C.C. of Dri Hiev. Meshing cinematic and DIY aesthetics, 

Calgary is represented as simultaneously sunny and snowy; masculine and feminine; rock + roll 

and country. United by the independent pop-up art gallery Five AM, Amy and C.C. show how 

unique experiences exist alongside each other. Same city, different world.  


About Gillian McKercher & Guillaume Carlier 


Gillian McKercher and Guillaume Carlier are filmmakers whose work is created in and about 

Calgary. Attracted to the subversive, the pedestrian, and the spiritual, they admire formalism 

and embrace experimentation. They are the co-founders of Kino Sum Productions alongside 

Nicola Waugh. This is their first co-direction. 

May 2020

Space Filler

Space Filler was a pop-up music event hosted by Five AM. The event was in collaboration with Kino Sum, Dri Hiev & Amy Nelson, with the intention to create a video that acted as an ode to Calgary.

This was Five AM's first ever music show and last ever event.

February 2020

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